SAP Important Transactions (T Codes) for Jobs / Batches / Events / User Administration with their Purpose and Initial Screens

Transaction (T-Code): SM36

Purpose: Define Background Jobs

Transaction (T-Code): SM37 / SMX

Purpose: Background Jobs Overview with Start/End time, duration and Status

Transaction (T-Code): SM50

Purpose: Process Overview / Work Processes of Specific Application Server (AS) Instance

Transaction (T-Code): SM34

Purpose: View Cluster Maintenance

Transaction (T-Code): SM49 / SM69

Purpose: External Operating System Commands

Transaction (T-Code): SM66

Purpose: Process Overview / Work Processes of All AS Instances

Transaction (T-Code): SM62

Purpose: Event History: Overview

Transaction (T-Code): SM64

Purpose: Background Events: Overview and Administration

Transaction (T-Code): STVARV / STVARVC

Purpose: Maintain TVARVC table variables

Transaction (T-Code): SM04

Purpose: Users Overview / User Sessions for Specific AS Instance

Transaction (T-Code): SU53

Purpose: Check Authorization Data for User

Transaction (T-Code): SUIM

Purpose: User Information System / User Authorizations / Roles / Profiles

Transaction (T-Code): SU20

Purpose: Authorization Field Maintenance

Transaction (T-Code): SU21

Purpose: Maintain Authorization Objects

Transaction (T-Code): SU01

Purpose: User Maintenance (Name, Address, Roles, Profiles, Logon Data etc…)

Transaction (T-Code): SU03

Purpose: Maintain / Edit Authorizations – Archive Development Kit (ADK)

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