SAP Important Transactions (T Codes) for Batch Input, Spool (Print Output), Paths & Connections with their Purpose and Initial Screens

Transaction (T-Code): SM35

Purpose: Batch Input: Session Overview / BDC Overview

Transaction (T-Code): SHDB

Purpose: Batch Input Recorder / BDC Recording / Transaction Recorder: Recording Overview

Transaction (T-Code): SP01

Purpose: Spool Request Selection

Transaction (T-Code): SP02

Purpose: List of Spool Requests

Transaction (T-Code): SPAD

Purpose: Spool Administration / Maintain Output Devices, Spool Servers

Transaction (T-Code): AL11

Purpose: SAP File Directory / Application Server Folders and Files

Transaction (T-Code): FILE

Purpose: Logical File Path Definitions

Transaction (T-Code): SM58

Purpose: Transactional RFC

Transaction (T-Code): SM59

Purpose: Configuration of RFC Connections

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