What is ‘Fast Entry’?

Instead of the regular document entry screens, SAP provides ‘Fast Entry’ screens for facilitating a quick way of entering repetitive line items in a transaction. For achieving this, you need to define a Fast Entry Screen Layout, which will specify what fields you will require for data entry, and in what order. You may configure these fast entry screen layouts for GL account line items, credit memos, and customer/vendor invoices. Each of these fast entry screen layouts will be denoted by a 5-character screen variant in the system. Fast entry screens are used in complex (general) postings.

SAP’s enjoy postings are also meant for similar data entry screens, but the difference is that in the case of ‘fast entry’ you will start from scratch when identifying the fields, positioning them in the line item, etc., whereas in enjoy postings, the system comes with all the fields activated and you will select the fields that you do not want to be made available for data entry.

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