What is ‘Archiving’? How does it differ from ‘Deletion’?

Archiving’ refers to deleting data from the documents in the database and storing the data in a file, which can be transferred to an ‘archiving system’ later on.

Archiving does not physically delete the documents. ‘Deletion’ actually removes the documents from the database. To proceed with archiving and deletion you need to:

  1. Block posting to these archived master records.
  2. Mark (the master records) for deletion: Mark for deletion at the ‘Chart of Accounts area’ to delete the records from all the Company Codes. However, if you do not want to delete from all the Company Codes, but only from one or more Company Codes then do the same in the ‘Company Code area’ of the master record(s).
  3. Archive all the transaction figures from the relevant documents.
  4. Call up a special program to ‘delete’ the records: The program will check whether that particular document could be deleted. If yes, it will proceed to ‘archive’ and then to ‘deletion.’

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