What is an ‘Account Group’?

The ‘Account Group’ (or GL Account Group), a 4-character alphanumeric key, controls how the GL account master records are created in the system. This helps to ‘group’ GL accounts according to the ‘functional areas’ to which they must belong. Account group is mandatory for creating a master record. The same account groups can be used by more than one more Company Code if they all use the same Chart of
Accounts. Each GL account is assigned to only one account group.

The Account Group determines:

  1. The number interval that is to be used while creating the master record.
  2. The screen layout that is to be used while creating the master record in the Company Code area.

While defining the account groups in the system, you also need to define the corresponding field status for each of these groups. Otherwise, you will not be able to see any fields as all these would be hidden by default.

SAP comes delivered with a number of ‘account groups’ such as:

  • SAKO (GL accounts general)
  • MAT. (Materials Management accounts)
  • FIN. (Liquid Funds accounts)

Transaction Code for Account Group is OBD4.

In most situations, you will not require additional groups other than the ones already available in the standard system. However, if you need to create a new one, it is easier to copy an existing one and make modifications to it instead of creating one from scratch.


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    October 29, 2022

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