What is a ‘Document Type’?

SAP comes delivered with a number of ‘Document Types,’ which are used in various postings. The document type helps to classify an accounting transaction within the system, and is used to control the entire transaction and determine the account types a particular document type can post to. For example, the document type ‘AB’ allows you to post to all the accounts, whereas type ‘DZ’ allows you to post only the customer payments. Every document type is assigned a number range.

The common document types include:

Document TypeDescriptionDocument TypeDescription
AAAsset postingKGVendor credit memo
ABAccounting documentKNNet vendors
AFDepreciation postingsKRVendor invoice
DGCustomer credit memoKZVendor payment
DRCustomer invoiceKGVendor credit memo
DZCustomer paymentSAGL account document
X1Recurring entry doc.X2Sample document

Transaction Code to Define Document Type is OBA7 and to change it OBAB.

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