Business Master data:

EKUN  ISU business partner data
BUT050  Business partner relationships
BUT100  Business partner roles
BUT020  Business partner address
ADRC  Addresses
BUT000  Business partner
DFKKLOCKS  Business locks
FKKVKP  Contract account for partner
FKKVK  Contract account

Billing and invoicing:

ERDK  Print doc header
ERDO  Outsorting for invoices
ERDB  CA document for print document
ERCHO  Outsorting for billing document
ERCHC  Invoicing reversal history
ERCH  Billing doc header
DBERCHZ (1-8)  Billing doc lines
DBERDL  Print doc lines
DBERDLB  Billing doc-print doc line reference

Billing master data:

ETTA  Rate category
ETTAF  Rate category facts
TE221  Operands
ETRF  Rates
EKDI  Rate facts
ESCHS  Billing schema steps
ESCHS  Billing schema header
EPREIH  Price history
EPREI  Prices header
TE069  Rate types
ETTIF/ETTIFN/ETTIFB  Installation facts
ERTFND  Rate determination

Technical master data

EANL  Installation
EVBS  Premise
EHAUISU  Connection object
EANLH  Installation time slice
EGPLTX  Device locations
EUITRANS  PoD internal to external Ids

Device Management

ETDZ  Registers
EPROFASS  Registers-profiles
EASTI  Register relationships
EUILZW  Register- Pod
EASTS  Installation-register
EADZ  Multiple installation billing data registers
EZWD  Register Groups
EZUZ  Device allocation for registers
EGERH  Historical device data
EGERS  master device data
EGERR  Device info for Pod
EUILNR  Device Pod
ETYP  Device category- material data
EZUG Device allocation for device


TE422  Meter reading units
TE418  Schedule records- meter reading units
TE420  Portions
TE419  Parameter records
TE417  Schedule records for portion
ETRG  Billing orders
EABL  Meter reading document
EABLG  Meter reading reasons 


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