Few Important SAP Acronyms to know

What is the meaning of SAP?
Systems Application and Product in Data Processing

What is the meaning of SIS & LIS?
A) Sales Information Structure.
B) Logistics Information Structure.

Define the LIS?
The Logistics Information system is a central integrated information system where one can create specific tables that are updated at specific stages and that can be used to report on values contained in specific fields. This LIS allows the information system to be used for controlling, monitoring and planning purposes.

What is meaning of SAP ISs?
SAP ISs – SAP Industry-Specific Solutions.
SAP IS-Oil : The SAP industry solution for Oil Companies.
SAP IS-T : The SAP industry solution for Telecommunications
SAP IS-B : The SAP industry solution for Banks
SAP IS-Retail: The SAP industry solution for Retail.

What Stands for SPRO?
SPRO means : SAP Project Reference Object.

What stands for OSS? – Online Service System.

What stand for SAP EE? – SAP Enterprise Edition

What stands for SAP ECC? – SAP Enterprise Central Component.

What stands for SAP SCM? – SAP Supply Chain Management.

What stands for SAP SCM APO? – SAP SCM Advance Planning And Optimizer.

What are the Sub-Modules in SCM APO?
DP: Demand Planning
GATP: Global Available To Promise.
SNP: Supply Network Planning.
PP/DS: Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling.

What is the means of ABAP? – Advanced Business Application Programming.

What stands for TOR? – Transfer of Requirements

What stands for JIT? – Just In Time.

What stands for RLT? – Replenishment Leas Time.

What stands for ATP? – Available To Promise.

What stands for MTO? – Make To Order

What stands for ASAP? – Acceleratory System Application and Product in data Processing.

What stands for TPI? – Transportation Planning Interfaces.

What Stands for POI? – Production Optimization Interfaces.

What stands for SOP? – Sales & Operation Planning.

What stands for OEM? – Original Equipped Manufacture.

What stands for OLTP? – Online Transaction Processing

What stands for ALE? – Application Link Enabling.

What stands for BAPI? – Business Application Programming Interface.

What stands for CAPP? – Computer Aided Process Planning.

What stands for R/3? – Real Time Three Tier Architecture.

What stands for BPR? – Business Process Re-engineering.

What stands for SAP EIS? – SAP Executive information System.

What stands for OLAP? – Online Analytical Processing

What stands for ETL? – Extraction Transformation Loading

What stands for SLA? – Service Level Agreement

What stands for BPR and KT? – Business Process Review and Knowledge Transfer

What stands for UAT? – User Acceptance Testing

What stands for SOA? – Service Oriented Architecture.

What stands for GTM? – Global Trade Management

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