Procure-to-Pay (PTP) process (T-codes) in SAP

Knowledge for the day: “Procure-to-Pay (PTP) process (T-codes) in SAP”

  1. ME21N – Create Purchase Order: to create a purchase order in SAP. It allows users to specify the vendor, material, quantity, and other relevant details for procurement.
  2. ME22N – Change Purchase Order: users can make changes to an existing purchase order. They can modify quantities, delivery dates, pricing, or any other relevant information.
  3. ME23N – Display Purchase Order: enables users to view the details of a purchase order. It provides access to information such as vendor, material, quantities, delivery dates, pricing conditions, and associated documents.
  4. ME2N – Purchase Orders by PO Number: Users can use this T-code to search and display purchase orders based on specific criteria such as purchase order number, vendor, or material.
  5. MIGO – Goods Movement: MIGO is used to perform goods receipt, goods issue, or stock transfer within SAP. It updates inventory levels and financial records based on the movement of goods.
  6. MIRO – Enter Invoice: MIRO is used to enter vendor invoices in SAP. It allows users to match invoices with purchase orders or goods receipts, ensuring accurate financial recording.
  7. FB60 – Enter Incoming Invoice: used to manually enter an incoming invoice that is not associated with a purchase order. It is typically used for services or expenses without a procurement process.
  8. F-53 – Post Outgoing Payments: F-53 is used to post outgoing payments, such as vendor payments, in SAP. It updates the accounts payable and general ledger records accordingly.
  9. FBL1N – Display Vendor Line Items: to display line-item details for a specific vendor. It provides information on invoices, payments, and open items associated with the vendor.
  10. F-58 – Payment Run: F-58 is used to execute a payment run, which generates payment documents for multiple vendor invoices based on defined selection criteria.
  11. F-03 – used for GL and BP clearing.
  12. BP – It has all the details of the vendor.
  13. ME2L – purchase orders by vendor
  14. F110 – Automatic Payment Program – Automates the payment process by selecting vendor invoices due for payment, generating payment files, and posting the payment documents in the system, widely used for regular payment runs.
  15. ML81N : To enter purchase of services : This T- code is used to maintain record of all the services that are procured.
  16. MB5B: Material Report
  17. SU01D: see the user
  18. ML84 : PO details
  19. FB03- To view financial document number
  20. MIR4- To view material base document number
  21. FBRA – To reverse clearing document
  22. F-48 for Advance payment
  23. MD04 – Display Stock/Requirements Situation
  24. SQ00- sap query
  25. VL03N – outbound delivery
  26. Vt03N – display shipment
  27. MR8M- cancel invoice document.
  28. FBV0- delete duplicate FI documents.
  29. F-44 Used for BP Clearing

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