List of SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) T-Codes


OVX5 Define Sales Organization
OVX3 Assign Sales Organization to Company Code
OVX4 Define Sales Group
OVX6 Assign Plants to Sales Organization / Distribution Channel
OVXB Define Divisions
VA01/VA02 Create Sales order/Change
OX09 Storage Locations
OX10 Define Plants
VL01N Create Outbound Delivery with order reference
VF01 Create billing Document
VA11 Create Inquiry
VA21 Create Quotation
VA41 Create Contact
VA31 Create Scheduling Agreement
VA51 Create item proposal
OVKK Define Pricing Procedure Determination
V/08 Maintain Pricing Procedure
OVX5 Maintain Sales organization
OVX3N Assign Sales Organization to Company code
OB01 Define Credit Management Risk Categories
OB45 Define credit control areas
OBY6 Company code global data
OVXI Distribution channels
OVXKN Assignment Sales organization – distribution channel
OVXB Define Divisions
OVXGN Assign Sales Organization – Distribution channel
OVX1 Maintain Sales offices
OVA6 Define Credit Groups Transaction Types
OVA7 Item Categories – Credit Limit Check
OVA8 Maintenance of Automatic Credit Control
OV01 Access Sequences
OV02 Condition Types
OV03 Define Procedures
OV04 Define Sales Document Types
OV11 Define Access Sequences
OV12 Change view condition types
OV13 Change view Procedures
OV16 Create condition table
OVAK Change view sales document types – credit limit check
OVAD Delivery Types – Credit limit check
OVXJ Assign Sales Groups – Sales
OVXC Assign Shipping Points to Plants
OVX7 Loading Points
OVAL Sales Document Blocks
OVAG Sales Documents: Rejection Reasons
OVAS Sales Documents: Blocking Reasons
OVXT Transportation Planning Points
OVAU Sales Documents Order Reasons
OVAZ Sales Documents: Allowed Order types per sales organization
OVA2 Display Groups
XD01/XD02 Create Customer Master Data Centrally/Change
VD01 Create customer sales view
FD01 Create customer Accounting View
FD11 Customer Account Analysis
FD32 Change Customer Credit Management
VD05 Block/Unblock Customer
VD06 Mark Customer for deletion
MM01/MM02/MM03 Create Material Master/Change/Display
MM16 Schedule Material for Deletion
VOPAN Maintain Partner Determination
VOTXN Customizing Text Determination
VK11 Create Condition Records
OVKK Define Pricing Procedure Determination
OVKP Define Customer pricing Procedures
V/N1 Define Access Sequences
V/N2 Create Condition Table
OVK1 Taxes: Tax Category by country
OVZH Assign Requirement Class to Requirement Types
OVZ8 Requirements and availability for schedule line category
OVZ9 Define Availability Check Control
VOFM Maintain Requirements and Formulas
OVZK Availability check for each delivery item category
VA51/VA52 Create Item Proposal/Change
VOV4 Define Item Category Assignment
VOV5 Define Assign Schedule Line categories
VOV6 Maintain Schedule Line Categories
VOV8 Maintain Sales Order Types
VN01 Define Number Ranges for SD Documents
VL01N/VL02N Create Outbound delivery with order reference/Change
VL06 Delivery Monitor
VL09 Reverse Goods Movement


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