Hiring for SAP ABAP Associate Technical Consultant / Trained or Certified Freshers | Exp: 0-2 years | Location: Hyderabad

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Job Description

Hiring for SAP ABAP Associate Technical Consultant / Trained or Certified Freshers..

Skills: SAP ABAP
Exp: 0-2 years
Company: Argano Software
Location: Hyderabad

Job Description:

JOB TITLE: Associate Technical Consultant
SALARY GRADE: 15 Overtime Eligibility: Yes/No (comp. dept determines)


An Associate Technical Consultant at Argano is an entry-level position responsible for assisting in the development and maintenance of technology solutions. They work closely with senior team members, and project managers to provide support in various technical tasks, research, analysis and focus on learning and honing their programming skills. This position requires training on appropriate programming languages and development tools. The primary duties of this position are related to program coding, testing, and debugging existing applications and programs. They participate in the analysis/design phase of the system development life cycle to develop user requirements and determine best business/technical solutions to meet those needs ensuring the ability to meet users’ implementation time frames.


Work on SAP ABAP along with SAP Functional team
Perform ABAP development, technical analysis under the supervision and guidance by mentor from ABAP chapter organization.
Work on various tasks under the guidance of senior team members on project / support topics
Perform basic level technical analysis & co-ordination ABAP debug participate in SAP Support / Project tasks Viz. Incident management/ Change request / projects / rollout.
Programming experience on any platform up to 1 year with good understanding of basic principles of object oriented development
SAP ABAP certification is mandatory.
Person with experience in S4 HANA & ODATA will be added advantage.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology or related field (preferred).
Relevant coursework or certifications in programming or software development (preferred)


0-2 years of developer experience or in related field.
If no prior working experience, strong academic performance is preferred.


Adaptability: Willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies, tools, and programming languages as required by the project.
Communication: Clear and effective communication, both written and verbal, is essential for collaborating with team members and conveying findings to clients. Proficient in English
Problem-Solving: Ability to analyze and solve simple technical issues and logical problems.
Collaboration: Effective teamwork and communication skills to work with other team members, developers, and stakeholders. Be able to contribute to discussions and share ideas.
Attention to Detail: Detail-oriented when writing, reviewing, and testing code to ensure it meets requirements.
Programming basic Knowledge: in one or more programming languages.
Basic Understanding of Software Development: Knowledge of fundamental software development principles, including data structures, algorithms, and software design.