Important SAP Transaction Codes (TCodes) for IDoc Monitoring and Data Transfer

Here’s a list of crucial TCodes that will simplify your workflow and ensure efficient handling of article, vendor, and customer master data:

BD87: Inbound Processing Monitor
Use: Monitor inbound IDoc processing, handle errors, and reprocess IDocs. Keep track of master data transfer effortlessly.

WE02: Display IDoc
Use: Review specific IDoc details, including header, status, segments, and data. Quickly identify and resolve IDoc errors.

WE05: IDoc Lists
Use: Filter and view IDocs based on selection criteria like status, sender, and receiver. Easily access IDocs for article, vendor, and customer master data.

BD10: Send Material
Use: Initiate outbound IDoc processing for specific materials. Seamlessly transfer article master data between systems.

BD12: Send Vendor
Use: Initiate outbound IDoc processing for specific vendors. Ensure smooth transfer of vendor master data across systems.

BD14: Send Customer
Use: Initiate outbound IDoc processing for specific customers. Streamline customer master data transfer between systems.

WE19: Test Tool for IDoc Processing
Use: Simulate data transfer by creating and processing test IDocs. Perfect for testing purposes and validating system connectivity.

WE30: IDoc Type Development
Use: Customize and create IDoc types, defining their structure and content. Tailor IDoc functionality to suit your specific needs.

WE31: IDoc Segment Development
Use: Create or modify IDoc segments, the building blocks of IDocs. Shape IDocs to align with your unique requirements.

BDM2: Trace IDoc
Use: Establish a link between outbound and inbound IDOC numbers. Easily initiate IDOC display in both systems, ensuring traceability.

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